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Real Estate Investment Services

MRE Partners offers comprehensive support for investment activities in all its aspects from offshore and onshore holding companies and project financing to the local special-purpose vehicles set up to support particular projects. Also provided are the provision of full accounting, financial reporting, tax optimization, cost and project monitoring, corporate services and management through all stages of the investment process.

Scope of Services includes:

  1. Residential Property Purchase/Sale
  2. Commercial Property Acquisition/Disposal
  3. Services for developers
  4. Residential and Commercial Letting and Management
  5. Review of specific real estate properties (whole sites and individual units) in relation to the Investor brief
  6. Clear assessment of the risk elements from inception through to exit
  7. Preparation, review of development and investment appraisals, and sensitivity analyses
  8. Analysis of potential returns and cashflow projections of the investment opportunity
  9. Preparation and constant review of investment memorandums and detailed project budgets
  10. Hands-on role in monitoring and overseeing the whole development process through to exit
  11. Selecting and recommending the professional teams on competence and ability to deliver whether contractors, architects, specialists, agents or lawyers, with a focus on their suitability for each particular investment project
  12. Regular reporting on performance vs. budget and exit timelines and monitoring of regulatory changes with the financial implications or other consequences of variances and the steps taken to maintain alignment with Investment expectations