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Private Equity Fund Management

Dedicated Funds
Funds of individual investors, institutions and investment groups are managed through dedicated funds providing a comprehensive solution for portfolio management of the real estate and investment projects. This tailored structure of Dedicated Fund Management facilitates maximising cash flows and financial optimisation of the investment.

Creating investment strategy and implementation
For each investment, MRE Partners establishes a comprehensive investment strategy, budget, business plan, financial projections, sensitivity analyses and risk management plan in connection with the investment being carried out. This includes the overall development plan, the system of monitoring, verification and reporting of costs and project status, as well as its full implementation at every stage of the investment process.

Setting up and Managing Investment vehicles
Legal Structuring and Tax Optimization strategies are evaluated in conjunction with the Investor's Regulatory requirements, and specially adapted accordingly to maximize investment efficiency and security under local and international law regulations. Regular and on-going reporting to investors is carried out as to delivery against objectives including interim reporting for key decision-making that is required for specific real estate projects.

Assessment and control of investment risks
Risk management is a fundamental part of the investment management process carried out by MRE Partners. Potential risks are identified, impacts estimated and responses are defined to address the issues. Maintaining direct and constant involvement in the investment process allows for quick remedial action to unforeseen risks.