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“In this dynamic economy and changing market, the Real Estate Agent is no longer only the intermediary between sellers and buyers, but is an expert who must provide the most suitable assessment of the property or project and accordingly advise how to prepare, present and market it, thus ensuring the client’s best interest is protected.”
Paulina Muzyka-Zmudzka

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Tourism and subsequently in Real Estate and Property Management Paulina Muzyka Żmudzka was actively involved in sales of commercial and residential real estate projects, as well as private and commercial rentals. With over 16 years’ experience in Krakow Paulina has supervised property transactions from beginning to end in both the sales and rentals departments.

With the dynamic growth in Krakow and other regions in Poland, Paulina has additionally been directly involved since 2011 in the specialised relocation of individuals and companies to residential and commercial premises in Poland.

Paulina’s attention to detail and tenacity for achieving the clients’ objectives has resulted in a loyal following and repeat business from her client base.