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"Investors are placing their trust in our integrity to manage such funds as if the monies were MRE's capital. This accountability and responsibility for protecting investor equity capital runs to the very core of decision making and governance from asset selection to effective communication with investors until profitable exit is delivered."
Joanna Kedzierska

Joanna Kedzierska graduated with a Master's degree in Philology at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, together with a degree in Economics, Management, Commercial Law and she obtained a diploma in Property Valuation.

With over 12 years' detailed experience and knowledge of the Krakow market Joanna has successfully overseen the legal and sales process of residential and commercial transactions with a value in excess of 500m PLN including the day to day management of the inherent planning and construction risks in specific investments.

From 2009, as the Client representative in a number of Investor Syndicates Joanna was responsible for the setting up and management of such investment vehicles together with closing the designated portfolio acquisitions.

These 'hands on' roles have also involved setting and delivering investment and exit strategies, budgeting, monitoring costs and directly overseeing the development, refurbishment and sales processes from design to completion.