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"The qualities required for success in property asset strategies are open mindedness, energy, flexibility, and ultimately the determination and will to progress in navigating to the exit scenario through competing interests and different perspectives so as to deliver meaningful profits."
Joe Daniel

Joe Daniel was a commercial banker with Barclays from 1972-94 in London and served in a variety of roles including corporate recovery and multi-banked situations. From 1989-94 Joe was in charge of a large West End business centre with then L330m of credit lines and a staff of 250 and during part of this time he was also Chairman of the RICS General Practice Division’s Central London Branch Committee. He then joined the Paul Raymond Organisation and was Deputy Chairman and Group MD from 1994-2000 as well as MD of Soho Estates. Joe then left to be part of Frogmore Estates plc's MBO team with specific responsibility for the banking documentation in a L280m public to private transaction apart from concluding a number of joint ventures during his tenure. Joe joined Ansbacher in 2002 where he developed the European loan book. In 2007 he became a director and shareholder in the MBO team of Mitre Capital that purchased the Ansbacher real estate loan portfolio. Following the takeover of Mitre, Joe left to form Greenside Real Estate Solutions together with other seasoned professionals as a marketing platform. This led to various mandates from family offices, borrowers, and banks. Having decided to relocate his consultancy business to Poland in 2014, the timing was also appropriate in legacy and market terms to co-found Maylane Real Estate Partners.